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Steph Clarkson Coaching in partnership with Richard Mason, trainer and nutritionist


If you’re anything like me you’ve spent a lifetime working on and off at this thing called weight and appearance. There are moments were you’ve been so ‘on it’, a gym bunny, all gung ho and eating your greens. And there are moments you’ve been too busy for it, work, life, people in your life are taking up your energy and the last thing you want to think about is your body. There’s those other times when you’ve no excuse and just can’t be bothered. And again times when you feel so low, overweight and unattractive that your emotions that you feel there’s just no point trying. How about the times you worked so hard or put up with so much that you decided you deserve that pizza/wine/chocolate… and it was worth it! But over time these decision left you feeling less than your best and your confidence suffered. I know the feeling… god knows I’ve made the same choices. If you’re like me and one of the majority who aren’t blessed with genetic advantages when it comes to appearance, you’re probably in a relationship with your body that feels a bit dysfunctional at times.

Making friends with my Body

Call it getting good at psychological tactics, learning about nutrition (massive eye openers there!) or being lucky enough to have my other half be personal trainer and nutritionist, I came to realise that working with health is very much like being in a relationship. A life long relationship that may have it’s ups and downs but ultimately works best when based on mutual respect, listening and learning how to support each other.

It’s easy to criticise our bodies and forget the miracle machines that they are; these fully automated machines are the ultimate multi-taskers. They do everything for us from regulate emotions, recover when we sleep, help us to eat, walk, talk, breathe, work out complex problems and perform practical functions. Deep down we know that when they are overworked, given poor quality fuel and not enough time to restore us they will begin to show the signs - anyone would!

So my ‘Eureka’ moment in regards to body confidence and wellness was to realise that by not considering my body in my day-to-day decision making, I’m being the tyrannical boss slave driving my best employee and getting angry at them for not performing. I realised that rebelling against ‘being told what to do’ my weight loss group, or parents or Tv commerical that I was only punishing my body. And my body was taking it out on me in turn with low mood, bad skin and low energy.

So, how do we make this relationship work?

Back when I was in my unhealthy stage, both me and my body were stuck in their ways. In some respects, we didn’t know any better than to consume processed foods disguised as healthy. But it also felt too hard to let go of old habits and create new ones. It felt so much easier just to go for the quick-fix; the carbs, the sugar, the cosy couch. And both of us felt the temporary relief of these choices. Yet we couldn’t deny the truth, that not overcoming the habit and not thinking long term we didn’t have a very bright future together. It was time to make some decisions and get my body (let’s use the word subconscious) on board for some forward planning.

Planning for Health

In my experience of helping myself and others there are several essential steps to feeling good about your body and your health.

  • Create some realistic goals to gradually reshape your relationship - it’s often the small things that make the biggest difference, the subconscious can be reluctant to change so introducing small consistent changes that fit into your lifestyle and stay away from being overwhelming tend to lead to more long term results. I can help with this with strategies and accountability to make and stick to these whilst assessing if they really are the right fit for you.

  • Make the choice for yourself nobody else - Feeling body confident has to come from within. It’s about your relationship with yourself. Of course, the improved nutrition and exercise habits will help with mood and positive feelings of course but ultimately when we choose to heal and help ourselves that inner rebel has nothing to rebel against.

  • Work on the mental game - It’s important to quieten the inner saboteur by shifting negative beliefs you may be carrying. It’s common to take on negative identities that usually come from other people in our environment e.g. ‘fat’ ‘skinny’ ‘you haven’t got it in you’ ‘you’re hopeless’. Working with a coach like myself we can look at the beliefs you’re carrying and begin to shift and challenge them. You don’t have to believe wonderful things about yourself, just that you CAN develop a positive relationship with your body. It’s a personal thing and it’s helps if personal barriers are gently removed.

  • Educate yourself - It’s one thing to be told what we ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ do but when we stop to question why, it’s often the knowledge that is the biggest persuader. When you begin to educate yourself in nutrition and exercise, it can be surprising what good habits you can grow such by making more educated decisions. We’ll include some of this in your support.

  • Be prepared to go through the discomfort of change - Like any relationship, change isn’t always quick and easy and it’s important to be compassionate with yourself on those days when you do make decisions that feel counter-intuitive. The good thing is your body will always be with you, you will make up and move forward. How you do that is up to you. If you’re prepared for all weathers you have a better chance of seeing set-backs for what they are.

  • Make sure your body is on-board with your decisions - Your body knows when you are starving yourself, indulging, over-working, under-working and your subconscious won’t allow you to do anything that is unhealthy for too long. Considering your body’s reaction in decision making and using visualisation and hypnosis to work together with your body towards a healthy goal will increase chances of change and successful change far more than any quick fix approach. It really is a partnership.

Package Options

The Mental Game

  • 4 1 hour - Coaching and Hypnotherapy for Body Confidence

  • 4 Tailored Hypnotic recordings

  • Progress Workbook

= £200

Kickstart Programme

In partnership with Richard Mason, Personal Trainer and Nutrionist

  • 4 x 1 hour Mental Game Coaching and Hypnotherapy for Body Confidence with Steph Clarkson

  • 4 Tailored Hypnotic recordings

  • Progress Workbook

  • 2 x personal training sessions inclusive of nutritional coaching and an ongoing weight loss fitness plan

= £280

Full Health Overhaul

4 x 1 hour Coaching and Hypnotherapy for Body Confidence
2 x follow up sessions through a 6 month period from the end of your support.
6 x Tailored Hypnotic recordings
4 x personal training sessions inclusive of nutritional coaching and an ongoing weight loss fitness plan


Why work with me to achieve body confidence


My system works by working with you consciously to plan better choices and then supporting that with your body’s subconscious to allow healthy changes become habit. I do this in an ethical way, looking at long-lasting changes that are truly beneficial to your mood, health and appearance- therefore supporting your confidence and self esteem in the process.

Body coaching with me is both fair and compassionate, there are no drill sergeants demanding to see food diaries (although food diaries can be a useful tool) but rather a helping hand to help you develop a good relationship with yourself both in terms of exploring what you need to grow confidence and ways to get along better with your body and mind.

You may also find that this style of working is enjoyable and fun rather than common weight approaches based on deprivation, strict willpower and drudgery.

If you’d be interested in a chat to talk in person about what’s in offer and explore if it’s the right fit for you

* Results may vary from person to person.

Stephanie Clarkson is a Thame Hypnotherapist and Life Coaching working from her home based treatment room and Thame Therapy Clinic. 

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