The Sway

A Hypno-Kinesiology technique for Energetic Pattern Shifting


What is The Sway (EES)…

Energetic energy shifting is a conscious method to release beliefs, thoughts and feelings that have become an imprinted pattern in your subconscious and bodies energetic system.

The Sway is an excellent self-help tool you can work with yourself once trained and can be used to release past trauma, long-term confidence problems, anxiety, depression and other issues accessing a whole range of presenting problems that may be historic or more recent responses.

Ideomotor signal work allows you to communicate directly with your subconscious mind and ask it through ‘yes’ and ‘no’ responses to work with you for meaningful and healing change.

Working with a fully qualified hypnotherapist and Reiki healer, you will be guiding through a range of exercises where we work together with your subconscious to pinpoint problem emotions and their roots.

This Technique is based on using muscle movement indications and requires light relaxation.

Single session - 1 hr - £50

Work with an experienced therapist to release one energetic block.