Soothe and Revive


Do you just need to soothe and revive…

Recovery is a process and while we heal it’s important to recognise where you are at in the healing process.

At the beginning of healing it may be that the mind and body need nothing more than to soothe and revive.

As you become stronger, it’s important to balance change work with continued work to soothe and revive yourself. Developing a self-care routine supports emotional resilience and helps us to help ourselves.

I can support you in your soothe and revive needs with healing reiki, nurturing aromatherapy, relaxing meditation, hypnosis and confidence building coaching. These approaches are gentle and kind, working on building up those first building blocks to feeling more able to cope.

You may wish to access Soothe and Revive services alongside therapy for another issue or simply access these first in order to get you to a positive place for deeper and more challenging mental health support.

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Alternatively, explore Reiki , Aromatherapy and Meditation .