Reiki Healing

At my Oxfordshire Reiki therapy room, I practise Usui Reiki, an energy healing technique that works with the natural healing energy of reiki  in the atmosphere and your body’s energy (aura, chi, prana) to rebalance your body.

Reiki works by balancing an individual’s energy systems – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual . It is a non-invasive, no touch therapy which aims to treat holistically and to restore whole-body balance.

Reiki brings about deep relaxation, assists in the release of energy blockages and increases the vibrational frequency of the body to provide new vitality.


What Happens during a Treatment?

The Reiki practitioner, who has been attuned to this healing energy, serves as a channel to direct healing energy to where it is needed. Reiki flows from the practitioner’s bhands to the recipient’s energy field.

It is a clothes on discipline that usually causes the clients body to feel warm, see colours or experience feelings of comfort or even disorientation as the body and mind are restored to a more natural state of balance. 

Although a therapist’s hands can be held inches from the body  you can still experience profound healing. Reiki is truly something you have to experience for yourself!

Following treatment, your therapist will discuss with you any sensations you felt as your body received the energy and provide feedback on their own intuitive impressions from the treatment. 


When I arrived at Steph’s treatment room I felt down and depressed. After a 30 minute session it was like a cloud had lifted and I felt light, relaxed and happy. I could feel the heat from Steph’s hands throughout the treatment and it totally lifted me out of my mood.
— Julie, Reiki Client

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Reiki Healing -  1 hour including consultation and debrief.

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