Recovery from Illness


A time to heal a time to restore

I’m not sure exactly what it was in my years as a therapist that has led so many people recovering from illness to my door. Whether it’s recovering from cancer, mental illness, frightening diagnosis or a sudden shock, the trauma of illness is a time of need for many people. I’m grateful to have helped so many through this difficult time and it’s one of the aspects of my work I feel most proud to support.

If you’ve lost confidence, become anxious and are unsure what the future holds then recovery coaching can really help.

A Gentle yet Compassionate Approach

A gentle and compassionate approach, support with me acknowledges that when major event happens it can take our minds a while to feel safe as much as it can take our bodies a while to heal. Our loved ones try to help but often don’t quite understand and their advice can feel like the wrong thing. Sometimes you may even feel you need to support them as their minds worry and fret. And of course this adds another level of pressure to a soul already trying to heal.

It’s not uncommon to lose confidence in both yourself and tasks that were once ordinary such as driving, being in public and socialising. I believe I can help.

What do sessions include?

I work with a combination of energy healing, hypnosis and talking therapy and help guide you through a time that can feel terrifying and back towards a sense of normality.

Sessions are tailored to the individual but may include:

  • Reiki - a Japanese Energy Healing Technique

  • EFT (a tapping technique that uses acupressure points to release negative feelings)

  • EMDR (an eye movement technique to release trauma)

  • Hypnotherapy - Calming the protective subconscious mind and helping it to support you with calm, positive thoughts.

  • CBT - A popular talking therapies approach that explores thinking habits and patterns you currently use and conscious ways to think more positively.

The important thing is that I will always listen and offer advice what may be the best course of action for your unique situation. My support is based on hundreds of hours in working with people in recovery phases and I feel certain working together will be an enjoyable supportive experience with someone who understands the mind, understanding the healing process and most of all cares.

Stephanie is a fantastic therapist and has helped me through a very traumatic time. I visited Stephanie after a major operation to remove a brain tumour and had a hypnotherapy session to elevate the stress. After one session, I feel more relaxed, although a long way to go.
Stephanie’s techniques are very supportive and I would highly recommend her. Thank you for helping.
— Tracey, Oxfordshire
and empathy completely put me at ease. I have done workshops meditation classes and had aromatherapy massages which she is brilliant at. I would highly recommend her.
— Wendy, South Yorkshire
When I go and have “therapy” I am on the ceiling. ...Steph gently helps me get back onto the floor. I only have time for genuine people and I have found a place that I feel comfortable and genuine in Ambient (previous business name)......I can be my self and not judged. ..her whole soul is fabulous. In a world of full of yucky things I am so glad I have “therapy” times in my diary. Words are easy to write but overwhelming gratitude for how i feel when I have had a therapy session is not easy to put into words. Thank you Steph for being you..
— Andrea Barnsley