Productivity and Time Management


Are you out of time…

When are are out of balance of time it can feel like an uphill struggle. Energy levels begin to take a downward course, worry and stress creep in and make every situation harder, a sense of overwhelm and impending burnout seems over present and unavoidable. We feel trapped, lost in the detail, running on a hamster wheel and needing to breathe…

It’s a modern epidemic and with new technology, lifestyle pressures and a general faster pace of life comes the need for change. I can help.

Getting back into balance with time

As with much in life, there are many answers to be found in the realm of mental flexibility. I’ve worked with dozens of clients over the years, working with them to put a magnifying glass to their thinking and behavioral habits to break the code to coping. Time management strategies, Cognitive Behavioral Techniques to find out what’s motivating your choices and relaxation techniques to find calm are all part of the process.

Productivity coaching includes finding the inner saboteurs to your inner peace and exploring your approach to work and life including beliefs and mindset, positive thinking, exploring your energy, goal setting, effective planning and strategizing all to suit your personality, values and drives.

Working together includes:

1-to-1 coaching and trance work tailored to your unique situation online or in person

Which means you can be heard, feel understood and are working from a way that’s right for you.

Manageable home assignments and tasks to get you moving in the right direction.

Which means that the power to change is in your hands and you can feel proud and accomplished at making positive choices and positive change for yourself.

Work with me if:

  • You want to learn how to take back control over your time and energy and put yourself in back in control.

  • You’re experiencing overwhelm and it’s having an effect on your health and relationships.

  • You’re motivated to put the effort into meaningful change that will reduce stress and improve your long term health and happiness.

Email me at to book your free consultation* (Consultation Bookings at my external clinics incur a £10/£15 fee to cover costs).