How one Past Life Regression turned into an Out of this World Experience

‘There’s loads of colours… I feel like my eyes are already open… I’m on the road or… light… it’s a nice feeling… I feel like... I’m home.’’


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I’m blessed to be able to say past life regression is part of my day job. It’s endlessly fascinating to hear heartfelt stories about bygone times from ancient civilisations to more recent stories.

I’m often asked if it’s real or a product of our imagination. While nobody has a time machine to verify, I find it amazing how absorbed clients become in their past lives. During the experiences, they smile, laugh, and cry as if they are right there, living and breathing their past life. In fact, it’s not unusual for me to have to keep my emotions in check as clients shed tears or recount deep love for their past life families.

As a therapist, you become used to comments like: ‘I never expected that life to be me,’ or ‘that was incredible, who’d have thought?’ Responding with wisdom that, yes, most of us lived good regular lives as loving wives, husbands, parents and as ordinary workers. While there is often a message and a moral to these stories, even I was taken aback with Anthony’s regression.

Anthony’s Journey Begins

On a rainy November evening in 2017, Anthony came to see me at my Barnsley (now Thame, Oxfordshire) practice. He was somewhat spiritual having become interested following a nighttime experience he didn’t fully understand. I recognised this experience immediately as Astral Travel – commonly known an Out of Body Experience. He came to me looking for answers. Together, we embarked on a spiritual journey neither of us expected.

past life regression oxford

Anthony’s first life was as a young woman working as a simple baker, living in a tiny room home with her father and a dog. She became worried about the lack of grain in her mid-life before finding contentment after retraining as a seamstress (of leather or hide) in later life.

This life was typical of what I'd  witnessed many times. But it was his journeys between lives that held the most fascination.

Unlike most regressions where clients see themselves walking through a door and into the light, Anthony began describing his journey in surreal and abstract terms.

He described connecting with a yellow light energy that he described as ‘home’ and talked about the reason for this connection being to ‘rebalance’ to ‘recharge’.

Little known to Anthony, this is a phenomenon previously recorded in Doctor Brain Weiss’ bestselling book on regression, Many Lives, Many Masters.


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Anthony described being shown colourful ‘links on a chain’ and explaining to me that we are all links on this chain, echoing the words of many esoteric teachers describing the sensation of being ‘one’.

 Later, he described entering a dark space filled with bright light. When asked where it was coming from, he explained that the light was him, ‘it’s dark and I create.' he told me, 'I am the light.’

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