Types of Meditation

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What type of Meditation Will you Try Next?

There are Several Types of Meditation so why not mix up your meditation practise with a variety of approaches. Whether you need to focus on yourself or give yourself a break from your mind, check out the below for fresh ideas.

Internal Focus

The breath, feelings, a particular idea or philosophy, thoughts. Memory (gratitude)

Increases self-awareness, trains the mind to think positively, help to broaden mind out to other perspectives and possibilities, allows mind to be listened to and let emotions out of system appropriately without a negative outcome.

External Focus

The outer body, the 5 senses, watching, observing, counting

Uplifting by taking focus away from the self, more realistic and objective view of the world, offers a break from emotional thinking, exercises other parts of brain to bring a sense of peace and balance. Teaches us to enjoy the little things by noticing the little things.

Single Focus

Candle, breath. Good to train the mind when overwhelmed. Depending on internal/external focus also has the benefits of the above.

Multiple Focus

The 5 senses, observing a moving object e.g. a dance, a fight, a song. Keeps the mind busy when easily distracted or a strong pull to thought/emotion.


Using your imagination for relaxation or internal understanding. Encourages brain to release feel good chemicals by linking into subconscious feel-good triggers. Peace, fun and escapism.

Guided Imagery

Following the instructions of someone else to use your imagination. As above but can be used as a tool to get to know yourself better and find answers and solutions from the subconscious/higher self with less/no interference from the conscious mind.


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Stephanie Clarkson is a holistic therapist, reiki healer, hypnotherapist and meditation teacher living and working in Thame Oxfordshire and Online.

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