Weight Loss for Brides


It all started when…

I worked with Claire. A beautiful Yorkshire bride who described food as 'glorious'. When you love food, drink and lack exercise - and let's face it being loved up as a loving couple can lead us all down the path of comforting indulgence - it can be difficult to shift the pounds.

However in many ways it's the perfect time with the perfect motivation. Who doesn't want to look their absolute healthiest best on their big day in their beautiful dress, radiant and glowing!

Combining hypnosis and CBT my 1-to-1 programme can help overcome the mental game to see the bigger long-term goal as the priority over day to day indulgences and put you on the path to glory.

If you're nervous of hypnosis, I've put for you here the recording of Claire's first session to give you a flavour of just how down-to-earth and relaxing it can be to work with someone on your weight.


Claire on her big day.

Claire on her big day.

Listen to Claire's session here: