Mindscaping for Change


What is Mindscaping…

Mindscaping is a powerful light hypnotic technique connecting with the deepest levels of our powerful subconscious through creating metaphorical worlds based on our presenting issues.

In a Mindscaping session your therapist will guide you through questioning and visualisation techniques to communicate with your deeper conscious in a dream-like language that both you your unconscious and conscious self can understand.

Mindscaping is an enjoyable therapeutic approach with works with both the conscious and unconscious minds leading to a greater opportunity for lasting change.

Often more effective than simply thinking a way out of your issue, Mindscaping unlocks the opportunity for your subconscious to resolve the problem in a way that suits you and your mind.

Based on earlier thought-leaders in the field of hypnosis and psychotherapy and refined as Mindscaping by world-renowned hypnotherapist Mike Mandel, Mindscaping is on the cutting edge of new thinking in psychotherapy.

*Mindscaping is an ideal therapy in person or perfect for online users as it can be easily and effectively carried out over Skype.

Mindscaping /Skyping session is - 1 hour £50