Life Coaching

A Practical Approach to Finding Smart Solutions, Setting Goals and identifying Barriers.


A life coach is not an ‘expert’ in life, but someone who has trained in techniques that are tried and tested to help others find clarity and motivation and more importantly move forward!

Life coaching is an integral part of the support I offer to all my clients and is used in hypnotherapy sessions when we’ve reached that part of our journey when we can move forward now an issue has been resolved. 

Life coaching can help you find confidence, clarity, make decisions and move forward in your life and situations. We will also shine a light and challenge core beliefs and unhelpful thinking patterns that may be holding you back.

You’ll get to know yourself better, understand the key values that drive you, your ‘big goals’ and the small things that make you content in the day-to-day.

If removing barriers is key to your moving forwards, we will work with exercises and approaches from the following:

Life coaching is a perfect for sounding out ideas and thoughts to an objective, non-judgemental third party and give you the space and ‘you’ time to move forward with the support of a empathetic and supportive professional.

“I have been working for Steph for some time now and found her to be excellent in unravelling the inner workings of my mind and helping me achieve focus and clarity with both work and personal life. Steph has a great depth of experience and has offered me valuable guidance and support; I am now seeing tangible results in achieving the goals she helped me set using the techniques she taught me. I would recommend Stephanie wholeheartedly”
— Stefan

“I always feel inspired when I’ve left my session with Steph as if a weight has lifted and I can think clearly and do anything!”


“I’m so happy that Steph came into my life. When I leave the room I feel so much lighter and happier than when I walked in. It’s like my head is clear and I can see straight again.”


“I think the one major thing was the ability to speak to Steph impartially. Her outlook & calming nature really helped me to understand that I have no reason to feel guilty about wanting my own happiness.”