Insomnia Coaching and Hypnosis


struggling to sleep?

As a brain training specialist I’ve worked with many people like you. Hours of laying awake can feel soul-destroying when you lay thinking about just how much lack of sleep will burden the next day: irritability, lack of focus, lack of productivity, an over-active under performing mind, time away from work or just feeling like you’re going crazy! are all genuine concerns.

Perhaps you’re one of the millions who wake up with a strong feeling of anxiety? Perhaps you get to sleep fine and then find yourself waking up and unable to get back to it? Do you find that bedtime is a time all those stressful thoughts come rushing in and hours go by before the brain can just stop thinking?

You’ve most probably tried everything from meditation to herbal remedies to sleeping pills but you don’t want to rely on taking drugs every night. I hear you.

Finding a Solution

There is a way out. Working with many clients with this problem over the years - and often in conjunction with stress and anxiety support - I’ve found there are ways to re-wire the brain both consciously and unconsciously to develop a better relationship with sleep.

We often begin by looking at your sleep habits which includes thought behaviors that interrupt sleep.

Hypnosis is then useful to calm and over-protective subconscious who for some reason believe insomnia is useful for you (although hypnosis is not essential for those who prefer a traditional coaching approach).

Resolving general stress, anxiety and trauma can be achieved using energy shifting techniques from approaches such as EFT, EMDR, acupressure and subconscious muscle testing.

Then we can work together to teach you visualization tools to more effectively occupy the mind at night and encourage the mind into a dream state.

A Good Night’s Sleep

I’ve helped many people over the years improve their relationship with sleep and sleep levels from people with medical conditions distracted from sleep by pain, anxiety sufferers, teenagers addicted to gaming and tv, those suffering from a deeper rooted trauma and professionals who bring their work stress into the night.

My Philosophy

I believe the mind wants us to be happy and healthy and ultimately knows sleep is essential. I also believe that sometimes our subconscious over-rides the sleeping part by asking us to prioritize other problems that need solutions and this can occur at times we’d benefit more from sleeping. And of course there are times when our body clock becomes confused and the mind loses a sense of a natural rhythm of wakefulness and sleep. The body wants to heal and replenish, our job is to work out ways to communicate with the deeper part of ourselves to allow that to happen while still acknowledging and attending to other priorities in our mind.

Working together includes:

1-to-1 coaching and trance work tailored to your unique situation online or in person

Which means you can be heard, feel understood and aren’t wasting your time on irrelevant approaches.

Manageable home assignments and tasks to get you moving in the right direction.

Which means that the power to change is in your hands and you can feel proud and accomplished at making positive choices and positive change for yourself.

Visualisation or hypnosis recordings to take home

Which means that we can get your subconscious onside with the work so that you can relax and enjoy change, quieten your inner saboteur and tame unconscious worry.

Choose Insomnia Coaching when:

  • You have an over-active mind and would like to learn techniques to calm and soothe your mind.

  • You’re interested in holistic approaches and are looking for a natural way to heal yourself.

  • You’re ready to be honest and open and work on a better relationship between your conscious and unconscious mind.

  • You’re a positive person caught in a negative place and are ready to change the cycle.

Email me at to book your free consultation* (Consultation Bookings at my external clinics incur a £10/£15 fee to cover costs).