Insomnia room spray


Insomnia room spray


Insomnia room spray

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50ml aromatherapy spray bottle Rose water with lavender, rose and vetivert (2%)

Dispatched from UK supplier Therapist grade! (Base Formula products used.)

This product is at its best for around 4 months.

It is made up and bottled by a qualified aromatherapist just before sending to you to keep the goodness of the oils as good as long as possible.

No chemicals are added to the mixture to preserve this product therefore its 100% natural oil / floral waters and 100% good for you!

If you want to see who makes this so you know you're getting quality visit the website of my local holistic therapy business

In green plastic bottle to preserve.

Store in a cool dark place.

Shake well before use.

Not to be taken orally.

Adult dosage, not suitable for children, not suitable during pregnancy or for those with high blood pressure, or with kidney or heart related conditions.

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