Support for Teens and Young People

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All parents want their children to be healthy, both physically and emotionally. It can be difficult when our children are struggling but nothing we seem to say or do helps. Not knowing how to overcome the mental battle, teenagers in particular can become withdrawn, fall into cycles of over-thinking and worry or act out in anger, irritation and irrational behaviour.

Mental health is something we are not taught about in school, even though our teenage years can be the most emotionally and mentally challenging period of out lives. The good news is, there are ways to work better with our minds and emotions and there is help at hand.

What can I expect in sessions?

A little different to working with adults, coaching for teens is based around active engagement of the mind and enjoyable story-telling visualisations including positive metaphors to inspire sub-conscious change..

n session, we work consciously for up to 30 minutes where we may engage in talking therapy techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or even mind-body connection techniques to calm the mind such as: Breathing, Pressure Point Tapping, EMDR and Mindfulness.

We then spend up to 20 minutes working with tailored visualisation for which you’ll receive a downloadable recording after the session to reinforce at home.

The session ends feeding back briefly to the parent. Older teenagers may wish for the session content to remain confidential or may prefer to share at home later. Teenagers 18 and above have a right to full confidentiality and I will ask permission for what to share if a parent/guardian would like to accompany them for the de-brief.

Accompanying parents may wait in a adjacent room either at my home therapy room or the therapy clinics I use (many parents enjoy the time to read and relax). Older teenagers may attend alone or have a parent come and collect them and take part in a brief de-brief at the end of the session.

With older teenagers the process is very similar to working with adults, encouraging them to relax and use their imagination positively. 

What can you help with?

Hypnosis has been shown to help with: anxiety, separation anxiety, fears and phobias, exam related stress, confidence, bullying at school, hair and eyelash pulling, tics, selective eating, anger problems, lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

My Journey

I began working as a youth worker with young people at risk of expulsion from school in 2006 which inspired an interest in mental health and it’s relation to behaviour. Many of these young people were dis-empowered from their various backgrounds and felt they had little chance of a positive adult life.

From there I trained as a teacher, working with under-18s in prisons before teaching English for 5 years at colleges in Greater Manchester and South Yorkshire. It was fascinating and often rewarding to watch the young people in my care try to figure out their identity and future, leaving the safe environment of school and learning to become adults in an uncertain world.

I’ve always been empathetic to young people while teaching them that, while they can benefit from support, the answers are within themselves and they are the best person to find effective inner solutions and the confidence to change.

When I became a therapist in 2014, it was a natural choice to continue to support young people in a different way and I undertook specialist children’s training in early 2018 with esteemed Harley Street specialist therapist Elaine Hodgins.

Since then I’ve helped many young people and their families find greater mental health.

Many behavioural problems can often begin with fear, anxiety or phobia that can escalate into other problems.

Please get in touch to enquire or book a consultation to discuss how I can help your child.