Children and Teens

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All parents want their children to be healthy, both physically and emotionally.

Trained in London by esteemed Harley Street Children's therapist Elaine Hodgins with a Diploma in Hypnotherapy from Wimbledon's London Hypnotherapy Academy, you can be sure you're childr wellbeing is in good hands.

Many behavioural problems can often begin with fear, anxiety or phobia that can escalate into a serious problem.

A little different to working with adults, hypnotherapy and coaching for children and teens is based around active engagement of the mind through play and story-telling, the stories providing powerful metaphors for the sub conscious to absorb. 

With older children and teenagers the process is very similar to working with adults, encouraging them to relax and use their imagination positively. 

What can you help with?

Hypnosis has been shown to help with: Anxiety, Separation anxiety, fears and phobias, exam related stress, bullying at school, Thumb sucking, Nail biting, Hair and Eyelash pulling, Tics, Selective eating, Anger problems, Lack of confidence and Low Self-esteem.

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