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Struggling to get to sleep?
Can’t stay asleep once you’ve drifted off?
Sleeping but suffering from poor quality sleep?

Our 6 Step The Good Sleep Strategy can help.

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Hours of laying awake can feel soul-destroying: irritability, lack of focus, deteriorating health, lack of productivity, an over-active under performing mind or just feeling unlike your old self are all concerns.

You’ve most probably tried everything from meditation to herbal remedies and you don’t want to rely on taking pills every night to stay sane.

I’ve worked with many people like you and found there are many practical, scientific and holistic ways to bring your lifestyle back into balance with your genetic and biological sleep needs. I’ve condensed these approached into six steps.

Step 1: Explore Exploring your habits, lifestyle and barriers to sleep.

Step 2: Re-engaging with Nature - Circadian rhythms, your sleep chronotype and building sleep pressure.

Step 3: Waking habits : how to organise and manage your day to improve your sleep.

Step 4: Sanctuary - creating the best bed and bedroom environment for sleep quality including evening rituals for maximum pre-sleep rest.

Step 5: Calming Thoughts, Managing Emotions - exploring your thinking habits and changing them for best sleep.

Step 6: Lifelong Sleep Quality - Maintaining and monitoring positive sleep habits, smart sleep thinking and quality rest.

Alongside the 6 step process, your support may also include;

Caffeine, alcohol and sugar addiction, diet and sleep, minimalist living, meditation for sleep and relaxation, anti-anxiety techniques, breathing for calm, aromatherapy and energy healing for sleep, sleep hypnosis.

How long does the process take?

The Good Sleep Strategy is typically 6 sessions 1.15-1.5 hours in length taken either in person in Thame, Oxfordshire or over Zoom (Skype) within 6 months of our initial session.

In addition to our 1-to-1 time together you’ll be given;

  • Homework tasks to monitor and track your sleep.

  • At home exercises

  • Meditation, relaxation and Hypnotic Audios to support your sleep.

Choose The Good Sleep Strategy When:

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  • You have an over-active mind and would like to learn techniques to calm and soothe your mind.

  • You’re interested in alternative approaches and are looking for a natural way to get back to good sleep.

  • You’re ready to be honest and dedicated to making the necessary lifestyle changes for success.

  • You’re a positive person caught in a frustrating place and are ready to change the cycle.

Your Investment

The full 6 session programme is an investment of £360 including all 6 1-to-1 sessions, resources and recordings.

Single session £75 per 1.15-1.5 hour session.

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