CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


How CBT can help…

Many of us don’t stop to question how we think and how thinking contributes to some of the negative states we experience. Scientifically emotions only last in the body for 90 seconds so when we suffer from long bouts of anxiety, sadness, anger and low mood, our thinking habits are paramount to whether it’s a fleeting mood or a bad day.

Cognitive Behavioral therapy looks at your individual thought patterns and how they lead to your behaviors. There are many common thought habits we fall prey to from catastrophing, to black and white thinking, limiting core beliefs and others. Understanding your ‘thinking errors’ and how to rationalise and think more positively can make a massive difference to your ability to cope and move forward in life.

Quite often our thoughts lead us into inappropriate coping mechanisms which can be anything from withdrawal to mood suppressors such as food, alcohol, angry outbursts or denial.

CBT works with you to explore more effective ways to use your thoughts for a happier you.

Although I often use CBT approaches alongside hypnotherapy, sessions can be arranged that work solely with CBT for a wide range of issues.