Beat anxiety and find calm, confidence and connectedness to yourself and your life.

Beat anxiety and find calm, confidence and connectedness to yourself and your life.

Support for Adult Anxiety Sufferers

I used to be a lot like you. I wanted the courage to speak up, be myself and do the things I really wanted. I wished I could look forward to new experiences and being with new people but I became nervous and withdrew at the thought of it.

I wanted to be warm and engaging but found myself sweaty, shaky and distant as my mind went blank and I began to panic and needed to escape. I began to dread social engagements worried I’d come across as weird, awkward or expose myself as an imposter. I constantly worried about being found out as not being good enough, giving in to self-criticism and negative self talk feeling weak and worthless.

It was a miserable time and, despite my best efforts, fast-food, red wine nor months of binge-watching Netflix didn’t work to distract me from lingering self-doubt.

Finding a Way Out

I tried just ignoring it but when I pushed myself from my comfort zone panic often grew to the point of anger or tears, my body giving me shakes, palpitations, face red as a tomato.

On a good day, I found the confidence to look for an answer. I knew that if I could just break through the brick wall of anxiety, rebuild my confidence and just put one foot in front of the other I could be, do and have all the things I had potential to.

It took years of exploration. I tried everything from Feng Shui and Crystal Healing to Aromatherapy and Reiki, NLP, counselling, travelling, singing, meditation, mindfulness, CBT, visualisation and, what has since become my passion, hypnosis.


Over-the years I built myself a toolkit of ideas and techniques that really worked. Gradually, I carved a new identity of a calm, confident, connected person. I lifted the fog of self-doubt and embarked on a fulfilling path to become a teacher, shop owner, artist, craft maker, singer-songwriter, coach, therapist and healer. Not only did I learn to manage anxiety on my journey but also to become the things of my wildest dreams.

After re-training as a therapist and healer, I helped others find their magic too; the anxious mother who wouldn’t leave the house but found herself on exotic holidays with her son; the sad wife who found the courage to leave an abusive relationship; the post-cancer patients who found confidence and the strength to heal post surgery; the post-children mum who learned to love her body and find a healthy lifestyle away from quick-fixes; the anxious mid-twenties woman who was able to let go of teenage decisions that haunted her; resolving the fear of those who were fearful of flying, skiing, germs, enclosed spaces. I helped the people-pleasers become more assertive, the shy find their voice and the lost find their way.

My Philosophy

I believe we are all works in progress. We are here to learn and learning always brings an element of nervousness. I also believe that the extremity of our anxiety can be vastly reduced by the way we communicate with ourselves and our unconscious minds.

The stories we tell ourselves about how and who we are, the words we use, the beliefs we convince ourselves of and even the tone of voice in our head all makes a difference to how we experience the world. If we can just understand how to use that inner voice to get along with ourselves better, we can move much more easily into calm and confidence.

When we are kind to ourselves we eat better, sleep better, choose clothes that flatter us and pastimes that enrich us. We also smile more and notice the small things. We feel able to cope and able to make positive decisions that take us to better places.

As we learn to listen to our inner signals but not be controlled by them, growing gets easier. At some point the pride at achieving those things we thought were out of reach, outweighs the pain. We see our own value, learn who we are and begin to enjoy our uniqueness.

Passing the baton

On my journey, I’ve learned many techniques and tools that helped and healed. I set out as a coach and a therapist to pass on the baton. I work as a coach, hypnotherapist and energy healer to help people overcome anxiety and find calm, confidence and a sense of being connected to themselves, the world and their full potential.

I needed help as I was suffered from panic attacks and anxiety. I found that help through Steph. She gave me the tools I needed to feel in control of my life again through a combination of therapies including Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy and Meditation. Steph created a safe, friendly and comforting environment in which she offer me support and I left feeling inspired by her practices to take control of the panic attacks and anxiety
— Gill, Anxiety Package Client

What is the Calm, Confident and Connected System?

The Calm, Confident and Connected system if the name I give to the step-by-step process I take clients through to help people out of the rut of anxiety. It’s a mix of visualisation, mind-body connection and coaching that helps to re-train the mind and gently bring you back to the place of feeling able to cope.

Work with me if:

  • You want to learn how to take back control over your mind and your feelings and put yourself in the driving seat of your life .

  • You’re experiencing overwhelm or panic attacks and it’s making you say No.

  • You know you have potential to have a great life but right now you’re stuck and feeling low.

  • You’re motivated to feel self sufficient rather than feeling like a burden on family and friends.

Working together includes:

1-to-1 coaching and trance work tailored to your unique situation online or in person

Which means you can be heard, feel understood and aren’t wasting your time on irrelevant approaches.

Manageable home assignments and tasks to get you moving in the right direction.

Which means that the power to change is in your hands and you can feel proud and accomplished at making positive choices and positive change for yourself.

Visualisation or hypnosis recordings to take home

Which means that we can get your subconscious onside with the work so that you can relax and enjoy change, quieten your inner saboteur and tame unconscious worry.

You’re Ready if:

  • You know you’re ready to change, you can change and what needs to change is you.

  • You’re interested in holistic approaches and are looking for a natural way to heal yourself.

  • You’re ready to be honest and open and in doing so prepared to forgive and honour yourself with compassion.

  • You’re a positive person caught in a negative place.

  • You believe in kindness, love and that the best things in life are free.

* Results may vary from person to person.

Email me at to book your free consultation* (Consultation Bookings at my external clinics incur a £10 fee to cover costs). 


“Steph is very good at getting the balance right between listening and taking action. Sometimes it’s just a little challenge in your perceptions that get you thinking straight again, other times it’s useful exercises. I really like Steph’s passion and how she’s able to explain the theory behind the body and mind. Fascinating stuff!”

Dan, Huddersfield

Common Questions

I’m worried it’s going to bring up some demons and be too difficult to face negative emotions.

The sessions are designed to be kind and gentle. The focus is always on where you’re heading to and how to get there and when there is a need to explore feelings we always end on trance work so that you leave with a relaxing, healing experience.

It’s too hard I just can’t face it

Change isn’t easy and of course there can be work to be done that be feel uncomfortable to begin with however clients nearly always say it wasn’t as bad as they thought and my approach is to use a mixture of compassion at our shared humanity and an explanation of how the brain works to help to see things in a fair and objective way. Most people leave being thankful they shared, as they end sessions with a fresh perspective that’s much kinder to themselves.

If we use hypnosis can I get stuck?

We all pass through trance states on a daily basis, whether we are glued to a TV or go into auto-pilot while driving. A trance is a natural, normal state of mind that hypnosis simply uses as a route to communicate with the subconscious. A trance is just like a daydream we either come out of it naturally or fall asleep. There is no danger of being ‘stuck anywhere’ It is also not necessary to use hypnosis in the support although it is beneficial.

I don’t like the idea of someone messing with my mind. What if the changes are wrong for me and I’m stuck with them?

Rest assured. You’re sub-conscious mind is unbeatable as a threat detection mechanism. Hypnosis isn’t brain washing and your mind always queries and questions the ideas we put forward, only accepting those that are a good fit and appropriate for you. I see trance work as a collaborative process where I approach the subconscious in a calm state and encourage it to find ‘ways of being’ that are healthy and positive.

It might work for other people but it won’t work for me

The techniques and approaches used have helped hundreds of thousands of people and I vary techniques between several disciplines adapting as we go to your preferences and success. Of course I can’t guarantee success however many people find simply the opportunity to understand themselves and their minds better is invaluable in itself.

I only have a little anxiety in certain situations, maybe I’m not ‘bad’ enough for this?

Anxiety is a natural emotion but when we know logically it’s disproportionate to the events then there is what I call an error in brain computing that needs restoring.

Most likely it’s one of a handful of events that have caused the mind to have a wobble and decide to protect you from that ‘thing’. Believe me, I had a fear of escalators from falling on one as a child that led to very strange looks in shopping centers.

My job is to encourage the brain to be calm and confidence in situations where there is no reason to be otherwise and nothing is too small to work out. I work with people from fears of spiders to deep trauma and I’d love to help you.

I can’t have therapy. People will think I’ve gone mad.

The world is changing and the stigma around mental health has shifted dramatically. We live in a culture of being more open and honest than we’ve ever been and most clients find that people tend to respond with pride and respect when we share our struggles rather than judgement. In fact in most cases it opens up communication for others in your life struggling with anxiety to share their stories too. Having said that, all our sessions are confidential and you don’t have to share anything with anyone until you’re ready.

How do I know you can help me?

I use the best techniques I’ve come across from several disciplines with which I’ve undertaken highly respected and recognised qualifications accredited by the UK’s leading awarding bodies. I would love to take credit for the techniques I use but they have been passed down from generations of cutting-edge thought leaders in the fields of hypnotherapy, coaching, NLP and energy work. I can tell you that the brain is a true passion and I enjoy keeping up with fresh techniques, perspectives and thought leaders in my field. I can tell you that I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome all sorts of anxieties. I can’t promise we’ll be the right fit but can tell you that I genuinely care and I will always do my very best to help you.

I’m not sure if I can justify investing in my mental health?

When I think back to the years it took me to get to the point of health I’m in now I realise I spent a fortune in precious hours of life as worry and self-criticism took over. Peace of mind is worth it’s weight in gold when you consider the value of moving forwards towards your goals, feeling happy and content and improving your relationships by being a freer, happier person. Luckily, I don’t charge in gold but in fairly priced packages. I also give you free recordings to repeat the subconscious support outside of sessions and train you in techniques for self-help which you’ll use long after our time together. Reducing anxiety is removing a barrier to fun, peace and finding gratitude for what you have. It’s truly remarkable what’s possible when you find peace and re-connect with yourself.