Anger Management Oxfordshire

Is anger beginning to take it's toll on your life and loved ones?

Ready to make the change to be a calmer version of you?*


Anger: a classic response to our caveman instinct to fight or fly when faced with a threat. However, nowadays our threats are less extreme and our responses can seem unjustified. But how can you help it if you're instinctual responses are set to high?

You can, with a little help from your mind. Many people who experience  an overload of anger or act out with aggressive behaviours simply need to reprogramme the part of their subconscious which currently has a program distorting  a) the severity of the situation and b) the appropriate response in terms of levels of emotion and behaviours.

As a specialist in anger management, I've helped clients from all walks of life to overcome inappropriate responses to anger and effectively lessen their responses to a more 'normal' level. Clients often feedback with the anger has dissipated completely and/or they've been enabled to feel in control of their response so they have the mental space to chose their actions rather than being hijacked by their instincts or 'see red'.

In my experience, anger issues respond very well to hypnosis as it's a state that clients are truly ready to let go of and are ready to change.

At my Thame therapy practise, I provide a relaxed and non-judgmental environment to confidentially discuss your experience with anger in order that we can work together to create new supportive patterns for your mind to follow.


* Results may vary from person to person.


Anger management hypnosis for Oxfordshire and Bucks at our Thame Therapy room.

Anger management hypnosis for Oxfordshire and Bucks at our Thame Therapy room.

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